Video Ninja Secrets 3.0

$499/m or $997 now

What's Included:

  • Video Ninja Secrets ($3,000 Value)

My complete step-by-step system for creating viral, “share worthy” videos using nothing but your smartphone.

  • Done For You Tools, Files, Templates & Checklists ($897 Value)

500 battle tested, high-performing video titles and access to my own highly profitable videos and ads library.​

  • Private Members Only - Video Ninja Academy Facebook Group ($997 Value)

Want access to the private group for Video Ninja members and alumni? Past members have claimed this support alone is worth the price of admission.

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This course will teach you How To Create Viral,

“Share Worthy” Videos Even If You Have Zero Video Experience Or Equipment Other Than A Phone.

I understand this is a special discount only available for those willing to be on the case study program and enrollment is limited. Some seats are taken and this will sell out fast.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is this course for beginners?

Yes! Plenty of my students purchased this course and had zero video experience. They did not have an expensive video camera, and they’d never edited a single video in their life. After taking the course, they were able to shoot videos on their smartphone and create profitable video ads.

  • Is this course for experts? I'm already good at making videos.

Yes! There is something to learn here regardless of current skill level. For students already running ads, just one of the techniques I teach could be the difference between a profitable campaign you can scale. The ones who have taken action on what they learned have had explosive results!

  • I don't want to run ads yet, should I still buy this?

The system, templates, and techniques I teach in this course can not only be applied to paid video ads, but organic videos as well.

  • What if I need help, will there be support?

Yes! I'm sure you've purchased something before and you immediately felt overwhelmed. The Facebook group was designed to help you with exactly that. With graduates already inside of the private Facebook group, you won't be alone and there's always someone to help.

  • Does this course cover how to run the ads themselves?

No. I stick to my core skill of creating incredible videos.

  • Can I use what I learn in this course to make my money back?

Yes, and plenty of people have. Create your first video campaign, start driving traffic to your website or funnel, and start collecting leads, making sales or generating new clients. This stuff works when applied correctly."

  • Does Ken really know what he's talking about? Why should I learn from him?

Over the past 8 years, I've created 3,000+ videos for some of the largest brands and influencers in the world. The names I am allowed to share include Peng Joon, Taki Moore and Jason Pilgrim. I’d love to share more of my past successes with you, but $41k for two days of my time buys clients a certain amount of discretion. I’ve studied and tested what it takes to create a video that gets real RESULTS. I have personally handled every step of the video production process and practice what I preach EVERY single day in my business. I can't think of a single person more uniquely qualified than myself to teach you how to create highly profitable videos.



Taki Moore

Million Dollar Coach

"If you're on the fence thinking about should I, shouldn't I?

You should.”


Peng Joon

CEO of Smobble

"22,787,903 people reached. 156,000+ shares"


Jason Pilgrim

Global Kaizen Group

“We've only rolled out the first 7 videos and we've already pulled in what's now 5 clients as a result.”

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